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Let’s clean up for our children’s sake

It is unlikely that our streets, roads, green areas and parks will be litter free for many years due to many factors but in the meantime we can all do something about it, start with thinking what we do with our waste when we are not at home.

When we are home we have numerous litter bins and dustbins handy to discard our waste, when we are out of our home we likely don’t.

So, we campaign to pick up the litter, whoever dropped it, campaign for suitable litter bins that are regularly emptied and ask people not to drop their litter.

Sounds easy, but it’s likely more difficult that winning the Lottery!

We have to begin somewhere so if you would like to create or join a small team of litter pickers, just complete a simple Form and Submit it to us. Press the blue button below for the Form.

We will then get in touch to help you with organising a team or put you in touch with your nearest team, thanks

Let Me Complete the Volunteer Form Rayleigh

We want Rayleigh in Essex to be cleaned up, there may already be a number of small groups already doing this vital work, if so, let us know and you can use our website for information about your work, your calendar of events and any help you to get new volunteers.

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